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81. SPUD
SPUD : Special/Single Piece/Purpose Ugly/Useless/UnLEGOish Design/Decoration
82. STAMPs
STAMPs : STickers Across Many Parts : stickers that come with sets and are applied across multiple bricks. This renders it nearly impossible to deconstruct a set and reclaim each piece More…
83. Studlessness
Studlessness : A technique that hides the studs by using non-studded pieces.
84. Swooshable
Swooshable : A quality that allows a LEGO creation to be picked up and flown around a room as the builder makes flying noises.
85. TBB
TBB : The Brothers Brick. You are here.
86. TFOL
TFOL : Teen Fan of LEGO. LEGO fans who may be past the primary target demographic for LEGO sets, and who are likely avoiding their Dark Ages.TFOL : Teen Fans Of LEGO : teens who are past More…
87. TLC
TLC : The LEGO Company. See TLG.TLC/TLG : The LEGO Company or The LEGO Group
88. TLG
TLG : The LEGO Group. The family-owned parent company for all LEGO-related brands and companies worldwide.
89. TRU
TRU : Toys ‘R’ Us. Though roundly criticized by LEGO fans for inflated prices, Toys ‘R’ Us frequently has LEGO sets earlier than any other retailer (including LEGO) as well as a broader More…
90. UCS
UCS : Ultimate Collector Series - big, detailed sets designed for display rather than playUCS : Ultimate Collectors Series. An irregular series of large LEGO Star Wars sets designed for More…
91. USP
USP : Unique Selling Point
92. Vignette
Vignette : A small scene built with like, generally 8×8 up to hand size.
93. Vignette or Vig
Vignette or Vig : A small LEGO scene, usually built on a base 8 studs long by 8 studs wide. Contrast with Bignette and Diorama.
94. WIP
WIP : Work In Progress
95. YFOL
YFOL : Young Fan Of LEGO