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41. LDD
LDD : Lego Digital Designer - free software for PC and Mac that lets you build LEGO models virtually. Up until last year you could even upload your designs to LEGO and order the pieces to More…
42. Legal (LEGO)
Legal (LEGO) : LEGO building techniques that follow building guidelines for official LEGO set designers. See also Illegal and Purist.Legal : the practice of using LEGO pieces more or less More…
43. LEGO sigfig
LEGO sigfig : The minifig version of a LEGO fan that he or she uses in online communities as an avatar, from “signature minifig.” Sigfigs may or may not resemble the person physically, as More…
44. Legos
Legos : Oh no you didn’t! Technically, the official plural form for more than one element of LEGO is “LEGO® brand building bricks”. That’s ridiculous, though, so most LEGO fans refer to one More…
45. LEGOs
LEGOs : the unofficial name for more than one element of LEGO. The official name is “LEGO® brand building bricks” (note the S) but most people call them LEGOs.
46. LIC
LIC : Lego Imagination Center
47. LLCA
LLCA : LegoLand CAlifornia
48. LS@H / LSAH
LS@H / LSAH : Lego Shop At (@) Home
49. LUG
LUG : LEGO User Group, e.g. the Brickish Association. An organisation of LEGO fans independent from the LEGO company.LUG : LEGO Users Group, such as SEALUG and WAMALUG. Initially used to More…
LUGNET : LEGO User Group NETwork
51. LURP
LURP : Little Ugly Rock Piece - a large prefabricated section of LEGO rock face, smaller than a BURP, and an example of POOP. Click here to view.LURP : Little Ugly Rock Piece : Smaller More…
52. MF
MF : Minifigure
53. MIB
MIB : Mint In Box
54. Midi Scale
Midi Scale : Midi scale are sets that are bigger than miniature and smaller than minifigure scale.
55. Minifig Scale
Minifig Scale : A LEGO creation built to the scale of the standard Minifig. For example, a car in which a figure fits, or a building they can be placed in.
56. MISB
MISB : Mint In Sealed Box
57. MISP
MISP : Mint In Sealed Polybag
58. MOC
MOC : My Own Creation - a model designed by an enthusiast rather than the LEGO companyMOC : My Own Creation. Any LEGO creation designed and built by a LEGO fan without instructions. More…
59. MOCFodder
MOCFodder : A set that you buy strictly for the pieces, rather than because of the set design. The pieces are meant to feed your MOC building, hence the name “MOCFodder”.MOCFodder : More…
60. MOCing
MOCing : Verb - the process of making a MOC