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1. ABS
ABS : Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. What dreams are made of - the tough thermoplastic from which most LEGO elements are fashioned. Its chemical formula, as everybody of course knows, is More…
AFFOL : Adult Female Fan of LEGO
AFOL : Adult Fan of LEGO. The most common term used to refer to LEGO fans who are adults. Generally pronounced to rhyme with “hay-foal.” See also ALE and ALH.
AHOL : Adult Hobbyist of LEGO. Rhymes with a word barred by our own Terms of Service.
5. ALE
ALE : Adult LEGO Enthusiast. Some LEGO fans prefer to be called enthusiasts rather than fans, attempting to avoid the perceived stigma of the word “fanatic.” See AFOL.
6. ALH
ALH : Adult LEGO Hobbyist. Another alternative self-descriptive name preferred by some LEGO fans over AFOL or ALE
AZMEP : Aus Zwei mach Eins Plättchen (out of two make one plate)
8. Bandwagon
Bandwagon : A passing LEGO fad, such as cave racers or IATTAR. Don’t remember what those are? Exactly…
9. BI
BI : Building Instructions
10. Bignette
Bignette : A LEGO scene on a defined base that is larger than a vignette. See also Diorama.Bignette : A scene that is bigger than a vignette, but smaller than a diorama
11. Billund
Billund : Billund, Denmark. Headquarters and primary design center for The LEGO Group.Billund : The small town in Denmark where LEGO was founded. LEGO Headquarters and primary design center More…
12. Bley
Bley (or Light Bley): Shorthand for the colour Light Bluish Grey, known as Medium Stone by the LEGO company.
13. BOGO
BOGO : Buy One Get One : Buy the first item and the second is either discounted or free
14. BOLOCs
BOLOCs : Built Of Lots Of Colours - a model made up of parts in multiple colours, generally by necessity rather than design, and usually the work of young children, as in "That More…
15. Brick-Built
Brick-Built : A LEGO creation or portion of a larger creation that is composed of multiple LEGO elements even when a larger, pre-fabricated LEGO element or custom accessory may be More…
16. BURP
BURP : Big Ugly Rock Piece - a large prefabricated section of LEGO rock face, bigger than a LURP, and an example of POOP.BURP : Big Ugly Rock Piece which is usually found in LEGO castle More…
17. C-C or CC
C-C or CC : A LEGO castle fan site with an associated online community, the Forums.
18. Cheese Slope
Cheese Slope : A LEGO element with a 33° slope, 1 stud by 1 stud wide and two plates high (or 2/3 of a brick high). Part number 50746. Useful for adding fine detail to LEGO creations. Named More…
19. Clone (brands)
Clone (brands) : Sets of construction toys that appear similar too, and may be compatible with, LEGO, but are created & sold by other companies to compete with LEGO. Considered by most More…
20. Cracklink
Cracklink : A descriptive name for BrickLink, referring to the addictive nature of being able to buy individual LEGO elements and minifigs in whatever quantity the buyer wants.Cracklink : More…