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1. PAB
PAB : Pick A Brick (wall) in LEGO stores. The wall in the LEGO stores where you can pick various brick individually as you need them.
2. Parts Monkey
Parts Monkey : The self-sacrificing individual whose job it is to find the LEGO parts needed for a build, freeing up someone else to concentrate solely on the building itself.
3. Parts Pack
Parts Pack : An official LEGO set that has many desirable LEGO elements but which may not have an overall design that appeals to adult LEGO fans. See also MOCFodder and ISD.Parts Pack : An More…
POOP : Parts Out of Other Parts - huge, ugly pieces that could (and should) have been made from existing smaller parts rather than moulded in one massive offensive lump of plastic.POOP : More…
5. Purist
Purist : A creator who build MOCs without any custom or modified parts.Purist : A LEGO creation that does not include any customizations, such as decals, modified parts, or custom More…