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1. MF
MF : Minifigure
2. MIB
MIB : Mint In Box
3. Midi Scale
Midi Scale : Midi scale are sets that are bigger than miniature and smaller than minifigure scale.
4. Minifig Scale
Minifig Scale : A LEGO creation built to the scale of the standard Minifig. For example, a car in which a figure fits, or a building they can be placed in.
MISB : Mint In Sealed Box
MISP : Mint In Sealed Polybag
7. MOC
MOC : My Own Creation - a model designed by an enthusiast rather than the LEGO companyMOC : My Own Creation. Any LEGO creation designed and built by a LEGO fan without instructions. More…
8. MOCFodder
MOCFodder : A set that you buy strictly for the pieces, rather than because of the set design. The pieces are meant to feed your MOC building, hence the name “MOCFodder”.MOCFodder : More…
9. MOCing
MOCing : Verb - the process of making a MOC
10. MOT
MOT : My Own Train
11. MRSP
MRSP : Manufacturer's Recommended Selling Price
12. MSRP
MSRP : Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. The official price for a LEGO set as established by the LEGO Group for a particular market. Individual retailers may set their own prices More…