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1. Dark Ages
Dark Ages : That period in a LEGO fan’s life when he or she sets aside LEGO in favor of school, dating, motor vehicles, and other non-LEGO pursuits.Dark Ages : That time in the life of an More…
2. Dark Bley
Dark Bley : Shorthand for the colour Dark Bluish Grey, known as Dark Stone by the LEGO company.
3. Diorama or Dio
Diorama or Dio : A large LEGO scene or a LEGO scene built on an irregular base. See also Bignette and contrast with Vignette.Diorama or Dio : A large scene built out of LEGO
4. Draft
Draft : An activity common at LEGO club meetings, in which LEGO fans each bring a copy of a LEGO set, sort out all of the LEGO elements, and take turns picking the parts they want. An easy More…
5. DSS
DSS : Dreaded Sticker Sheet - a sheet of stickers supplied with a LEGO set and designed to be applied to the LEGO pieces. Does anybody like sticking these on ? Not me.DSS : Dreaded Sticker More…