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1. T&S
(T&S : See Tasks and Skills. (Sumber :
2. T-Mobile
(T-Mobile : One of the four major U.S. carriers. Had the very first Android phone, the G1.)
3. T.I.M.E
(T.I.M.E : T.I.M.E adalah singkatan dari Telecoomunication, Information, Media dan Edutainment.TIME : TIME is an abbreviation of Telecommunication, Information, Multimedia and Edutainment.) More…
4. tab
(tab : Tab is the key you press to move the insertion point to the next indicated tab stop. Word automatically sets tabs every half inch.; tab : Looks like a folder tab and divides the Ribbon More…
5. tab stop selector
(tab stop selector : The tab stop selector on the ruler allows you to choose between left-aligned, right-aligned, center-aligned, and decimal-aligned tab stops.)
6. tabel
(tabel : menghimpun sejumlah record. Sebagai contoh, data pribadi dari semua pegawai disimpan dalam sebuah tabel.table : Menyisipkan/membuat tabeltable : Merupakan tempat atau sarana untuk More…
7. table
(table : An area in a worksheet that contains rows and columns of similar or related information. A table can be used as part of a database or organized collection of related information, More…
8. table autoFormat
(table autoFormat : Memformat tabel dengan format yang telah disediakan Ms. Word)
9. table autoformat
(table autoformat : Use Table AutoFormat on the Table menu to apply borders, fonts, colors, and shading to a table by choosing one of the preset formats.)
10. table columns
(table columns : In a table, a column is a vertical series of cells.)
11. table of contens
(table of contens : digunakan untuk pengelolaan daftar isi.)
12. table pane
(table pane : The area of the Query window that displays the tables in a query. Each table displays the fields from which you can retrieve data.)
13. table propertise
(table propertise : Menampilkan kotak dialog Table Propertise)
14. table tool
(table tool : berfungsi untuk membuat sebuah tabel)
15. tables
(tables : perintah untuk menambahkan tabel pada tampilan slide Anda.)
16. tables and borders toolbar
(tables and borders toolbar : Use the Tables and Borders toolbar to select and apply various border styles, or to create and format tables.)
17. tabs
(tabs : Menentukan batas tabulasi di dalam dokumen -; tabs : Tabs are the titles of the cards found in some dialog boxes. Clicking one brings that card to the front.; tabs : menu tabulasi) More…
18. TAC
(TAC : Thermally Advantaged Chassis.)
19. TAF
(TAF : Short for "Travail à Faire" (French for "work to do"); an i18n mailinglist label used to indicate that a volunteer is needed to handle some work. Originated on More…
20. TAFN
(TAFN : That’s All For Now)