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1. QA
(QA : Short for "Quality Assurance" - see (Sumber :
2. QDisc
(QDisc : Queueing Discipline, queues packets before they are sent out to the network device, enforces QoS requirements, provides traffic shaping and prioritizing capabilities.)
3. QoS
(QoS : Quality of Service, method to define the importance/priority of network servicesQoS : Singkatan dari Quality of Service, merupakan salah satu feature yang dimiliki oleh protokol More…
4. QR code
(QR code : A black-and-white barcode that, when scanned by your phone, can open a web link, point to an application in the Market, etc.QR Code : Barcode hitam putih yang apabila discan oleh More…
5. Qt
(Qt : A widget toolkit maintained by the Trolltech company and used for creating GUI programs. KDE is built on Qt, whereas GNOME is built on GTK+. See also: GTK+QT : Graphic library yang More…
6. Qtopia
(Qtopia : platform aplikasi dari Trolltech, perusahan dibalik platform framework Qt, untuk PDAs, mobile phones, web pads, dan perangkat computing lain denga n basis embedded Linux.)
7. quad-core
(quad-core : A processor that combines four independent cores in a single package.)
8. quadband
(quadband : Quadband mampu menangkap 4 frekuensi gelombang radio. Frekuensi nya yaitu 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Karena jangkauan yang luas, ponsel Quadband dapat digunakan di seluruh dunia dan More…
9. quadrifilar helix antenna
(quadrifilar helix antenna : Jenis antena GPS dimana memiliki empat unsur bentuk spiral pada permukaan antena. Dalam penggunaannya untuk GPS, antena ini biasanya mempunyai ukuran setengah More…
10. quality assurance
(quality assurance : Semua tindakan yang direncanakan atau sistematik yang diperlukan untuk memberikan keyakinan memadai bahwa suatu produk atau jasa adalah jenis dan kualitas yang diperlukan More…
11. quarantine
(quarantine : The state of a file or an app that, when a user first attempts to open the item, triggers the Gatekeeper feature. OS X imposes a quarantine on items downloaded from the web, More…
12. query
(query : Meminta informasi, biasanya melalui search engine.; query : A query is a request for information in a database. For example, a user might request "all sales orders with a More…
13. query channel
(query channel : You use a query channel in a DDE conversation between the destination application and a specific query (for example, Query1) in Query. To use a query channel, you must have More…
14. query design
(query design : All elements included in the Query window, such as tables, criteria, the order in which fields are arranged, and so on. The design also specifies whether Auto Query is turned More…
15. query filter
(query filter : Query Filter refers to a process available in Mail Merge that allows you to specify that only certain records from a data field be merged.)
16. query sort
(query sort : Query Sort refers to a process available in Mail Merge that allows you to specify the order in which the records of a data field are merged.)
17. question text box
(question text box : The question text box appears at the bottom of the Office Assistant "What would you like to do?" pop-up window.)
18. queue
(queue : Daftar pekerjaan yang menunggu untuk dikerjakan.; queue : A job management technique. Jobs waiting in a line (queue) are usually processed on a first in, first out basis or by More…
19. quick access
(quick access : Toolbar berisi tombol-tombol yang berfungsi sebagai alternatif penggunaan perintah yang sering digunakan. Sebagai contoh, tool Open merupakan shortcut dari Office Button > More…
20. quick access toolbar
(quick access toolbar : A customizable row of buttons for frequently used commands, such as Save and Undo.)