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1. i-beam mouse pointer
(i-beam mouse pointer : The mouse pointer turns into an I-beam mouse pointer when it is within the document area. Use the I-beam mouse pointer to place the insertion point in a document.) More…
2. I-way
(I-way : information superhighway : gerbang informasi :)
3. I/O
(I/O : Input/Output; I/O : Input/Output; I/O : singkatan dari input/output.I/O = I/O (Input/Output))
4. I/O controller hub
(I/O controller hub : The chipset component that handles communication with components such as the hard drives and communicates with the CPU via the MCH.)
5. i18n
(i18n : Numeronym for internationalization, replacing the 18 middle letters with “18”. Internationalization refers to enabling translations and other-language support (including alternate More…
6. I386
(I386 : A "port" (or rather the original release architecture, and still a current one) using the Linux kernel on 32-bit hardware - the kind dominating the PC market through the More…
7. IA32
(IA32 : Intel® architecture 32-bit is the 32-bit implementation of the x86 architecture)
8. Ia64
(Ia64 : A port (and former release architecture, now unmaintained) using the Linux kernel on Intel IA-64 AKA Itanium hardware, not to be confused with amd64. (Sumber : More…
9. IA64
(IA64 : IA-64 often refers to Itanium® architecture. Intel® 64 Architecture is the 64-bit implementation of the x86 architecture.)
10. IAAA
(IAAA : I am an accountant : aku seorang akuntan)
11. IAAL
(IAAL : I am a lawyer : aku seorang pengacara)
12. IAC
(IAC : in any case : dalam tiap kasus)
13. IAE
(IAE : in any event : dalam tiap acara)
14. IAIM
(IAIM : in an Irish minute : dalam waktu menit Irlandia)
(IANAA : I am not an accountant : aku bukan akuntan)
(IANADD : Short for "I Am Not A Debian Developer" - a caveat in the tradition of IANAL. (Sumber :
(IANAL : I am not a lawyer : aku bukan pengacara; IANAL : Short for "I Am Not A Lawyer", often used on the debian-legal mailing list. Not Debian-specific; see Wikipedia's More…
(IAWTC : I agree with that/this comment : aku setuju dengan komentar itu)
19. IC
(IC : I See) IC (Integrated Circuit)/Chip : Silikon kecil yang dilapisi jutaan sirkuit dan gerbang logika. |IC : Integrated Circuit atau chip. Sebuah rangkaian mikroelektronik berupa More…
(ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) : ICANN adalah badan hukum swasta non-profit yang bertanggung-jawab untuk mengeluarkan IP address, sistem manajemen nama domain More…