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21. bonemeal
bonemeal : A fertilizer that makes plants grow more quickly, made from the bones of Skeletons.bonemeal : Bonemeal is the output of placing a Bone in a Crafting Grid. Bonemeal can be used as More…
22. book
book : Craftable item made from Paper. Used to create Bookshelves.Craftable item yang terbuat dari kertas. Digunakan untuk membuat rak buku.
23. bookshelf
bookshelf : Craftable block made from Wooden Planks and Books. Used for decoration.Craftable blok yang terbuat dari papan kayu dan buku. Digunakan untuk dekorasi. dari yang admin tau, juga More…
24. booster
booster : Boosters are glitches often used in Mine Cart stations in order to make the carts go much faster than they normally would.boosters adalah rel yang sering digunakan dalam stasiun More…
25. bow
bow : A craftable weapon out of three sticks and three pieces of string. Fires arrows.Senjata craftable terbuat dari tiga stick dan tiga potong tali. penembak panah.
26. brewing
brewing : To make a potion by putting materials into water bottles using a brewing stand.Untuk membuat ramuan dengan meletakkan material ke dalam botol menggunakan brewing stand.
27. brick
brick : A block crafted with 4 clay bricks. Can be mined with a pickaxe.Blok dibuat dengan 4 tanah liat (clay). Dapat ditambang dengan sebuah pickaxe.
28. butter
butter : A slang term for blocks of gold.emas
29. cactus
cactus : Cacti are only able to grow on Sand blocks and must have a one block clearance on all sides as well as the top or else it will not grow (if a block is placed directly next to an More…
30. cake
cake : An item promised by Notch if Minecraft won the 2010 Indie of the Year Awards (which it later did.) Cake was added to the game in the Beta 1.2 Update. You can craft cake with three More…
31. cardinal direction
cardinal direction : The directions on the compass. North, south, East, or West.kompas
32. charcoal
charcoal : Charcoal is created by smelting a Wood block. Charcoal has the same properties as coal. Coal and charcoal cannot be stacked.charcoal : A resource that can be crafted by placing a More…
33. cheats/hacks
cheats/hacks : Optional commands that modify the game code to make it easier to play (e.g. render your tools unbreakable, keep all your stuff when you die).Cheat/hack, program curang untuk More…
34. chest
chest : A special block that stores all your stuff. Players might have lots of these.chest : An item crafted with eight planks to create a storage area. Comes in two sizes, large and small. More…
35. chunk
chunk : A (?#)×(?#) area of land that is spawned when a World is generated. Chunks are placed beside eachother and are used to quickly store the data in large maps. They extend from the top More…
36. clay ball
clay ball : Dropped from Clay block. Can be smelted to make a clay brick.drop dari blok clay. dapat dilebur untuk membuat bata clay.
37. clay brick
clay brick : Smelted from Clay ball. 4 clay bricks can be crafted to make a Brick Block.Leburan dari bola clay. 4 clay brick dapat dibuat menjadi blok batu bata.
38. clock
clock : (Also referred to as the Watch) Used to tell time. The clock can be read either in the player's hand or in the inventory. the clock's screen turns black when it's More…
39. clouds
clouds : The white translucent blocks in the sky. You cannot collide with the clouds.Awan yang berada di langit dunia Minecraft.
40. cmp
cmp - Creative multi playerMode dalam game minecraft dengan item penuh dan tidak terbatas serta mobs yang tidak menyerang.