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1. smelting
smelting : To process resources with a furnace in order to make materials from ores or to cook food.
2. spawn egg
spawn egg : An item used to make a mob appear on command.
3. spawn point
spawn point : The location where you first spawn in Minecraft, and where you subsequently respawn when you die. This is the location that the compass points to.spawn point : The place where More…
4. spelunking
spelunking : To explore caves and mine the resources found there.
5. spider jockey
spider jockey : A spider being ridden by a skeleton. Exciting to find because they're rare to see and a challenge to defeat.
6. stackable
stackable : Stackable items and blocks can have multiple of the same type of item or block placed on top of them. Most blocks and items can be stacked up to a maximum of 64, but some have More…
7. Steve
Steve : Steve is the name given to the Player.Steve. The basic male default skin in the game, Steve is the name of the playable character that gamers control. His basic appearance is a man More…
8. storage cart
storage cart : A Mine Cart with a Chest in it. It works the same as a normal chest would, but it carries supplies down a track.
9. stronghold
stronghold : An underground structure that contains the portal to get to The End. These are very hard to find.
10. sugarcane
sugarcane : Referred to as Reeds before the Beta update. Sugarcane can be found growing next to water sources on grass blocks. It can be harvested and replanted for farming much like Wheat, More…