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1. raw porkchop
raw porkchop : A food item that is obtained by killing pigs, which drop 0 to 2 pieces of pork when killed. Raw Porkchops do not stack in your inventory. Pork can be cooked via furnace into a More…
2. redstone dust
redstone dust : Resource gathered from mining Redstone. Placing this on the floor creates wires. Joining these wires up to doors, levers and other mechanisms creates a circuit. These More…
3. redstone torch
redstone torch : A special kind of torch which acts as a power source for redstone circuits.
4. redstone torches
redstone torches : Created in the same way as normal torches, except the coal is replaced with mined redstone. Used to power redstone circuitry.
5. render distance
render distance : How far away a player can see. Only some chunks of the world are visible at any one time, the bits in the distance that you can’t see look like fog. Setting a lower render More…
6. resource pack
resource pack : A system that allows players to easily change things like the images, sounds, music, mesages and fonts of the game.