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1. minecart railway
minecart railway : (I can't for the life of me remember what it's actually called) Railways are used in transporting Minecarts.
2. minecon
minecon : The annual Minecraft fan convention, held in a different location each year.
3. minecraft
minecraft : The game that these forums are based on and Notch is creating. Also know as MC [abbrieviation].
4. minecraft lava
minecraft lava : Same as in real life, hot molten rock. Sometimes found above ground but most often at the bottom of caves and mines. Dangerous to run into but can also be useful.lava/magma More…
5. minecraft- milk
minecraft- milk : A crafting item gained by using a Bucket on a Cow.
6. minecraft- minecart
minecraft- minecart : A Minecart is used for faster travelling, but it requires rails to move, therefore making it expensive. A minecart is crafted by placing 5 iron ingots in a 3×3 More…
7. minecraft- mob
minecraft- mob : Short for "mobile". Any entity in the game, including the player, which is able to move under on its own. Subsets include Passive Mobs, Neutral (Provocative) More…
8. minecraft- mobs
minecraft- mobs : Creatures, characters and animals that exist in the Minecraft world and interact with players. They can be hostile (creepers and zombies) or passive (animals and More…
9. minecraft- mod
minecraft- mod : A Mod (Moderator) is a member of the Minecraft community with powers such as banning etc. A Mod (Modification) is something that modifies the Minecraft game. One well known More…
10. minecraft- mods
minecraft- mods : A little bit of code that changes the way the standard Minecraft game looks or acts (e.g. adding new animals or giving a player more powers).
11. minecraft- mushroom
minecraft- mushroom : Mushrooms can be found in many places, but most often in dark caves or in the Nether. They can be either Red or Brown. One of each colour mushroom can be crafted with More…
12. minecraft- noob
minecraft- noob : Someone who is a new player, usually still learning the ropes. Often used as an insult.
13. minecraft- obsidian
minecraft- obsidian : Very hard block which is used to protect players from attack and build portals to the Nether dimension.obsidian : When Water is mixed with stagnant Lava, it will More…
14. minecraft- ore
minecraft- ore : A type of block that can be used for mining, and is particularly used for crafting purposes. Most Ore blocks must be smelted to be used, but some can be used right away. More…
15. minecraft.jar
minecraft.jar : minecraft.jar is an archive filled with all the necessary lines of code to run Minecraft. This is the file that must be edited in order for mods to work. It is found in More…
16. minecraft_ LAN
minecraft_ LAN : Local Area Network - a group of computers close by to each other (e.g. in the same house).
17. minecraft_ picture
minecraft_ picture : An aesthetic block placed on walls. There are (I don't remember how many) different picture that will be randomly selected depending on the size of the wall used. More…
18. minecraft_ pig
minecraft_ pig : A passive Mob. The pig will drop 0, 1 or 2 Raw Porkchops when killed. Pigs can also be ridden if a saddle is used on them. A ridden pig cannot be controlled. (Although I More…
19. minecraft_ piston
minecraft_ piston : A special block that can push other blocks (sticky pistons can also pull them). They are powered by redstone, and used to make machines and traps.
20. minecraft_ player
minecraft_ player : The character you play as.