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1. indev
indev : Means In Development. Maps that were generated in the Indev stage were a strict size.
2. infdev
infdev : Stands for Infinite Development. This version came after the Indev stage, and before the Beta stage. "Infdev works by generating an area of land for the player when they first More…
3. infinite bacon
infinite bacon - Bacon machine/user that used mob spawners (You could collect them but not anymore) to spawn pigs
4. iron block
iron block : Iron Blocks can be created by placing 9 Iron Ingots in a Crafting Grid. They are used for Construction.
5. iron ingot
iron ingot : Iron Ingots are smelted from Iron Ores and are useful in a number of different Crafting Recipes.
6. item
item : An item is anything collectable or craftable that isn't a block (Cannot be placed in the world) (eg. tools, stick, egg)