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41. body (Paint)
body (Paint) : The apparent viscosity of a paint, especially in relation to its appearance and behaviour in the container and during application. A high-viscosity paint may be termed More…
42. bond
bond : The system whereby stones or bricks are laid in over-lapped courses so that vertical joints in one course do not coincide with those in the next.
43. bottom rail
bottom rail : The lowest horizontal member of a framed door.
44. box gutter
box gutter : Usually a wooden gutter lined with sheet-lead, zinc or asphalt used in roof valleys or parapets.
45. breeze-block
breeze-block : A building block made from cement and ashes or coke which is used mainly for internal walls.
46. bridging
bridging : Where a paint film appears to be in continuous contact with a surface but is in reality not in contact at some points, i.e. by spanning or bridging over open cracks with a thick More…
47. bringing forward
bringing forward : This term is used to describe the preparation and spot priming or other painting which is required to bring repaired or bare surfaces to match the adjacent paintwork so More…
48. broken colour
broken colour : A multi-coloured effect obtained usually by the merging of wet paints of different colours during application.
49. bronze paint
bronze paint : Descriptive of metallic paints composed of copper-bronze or tinted aluminium powder in a clear medium. So-called gold paints are in fact of this type and the term bronze or More…
50. bronzing
bronzing : A metallic lustre or iridescent 'bloom' that may develop on full-coloured paints based on certain pigments, e.g. Prussian and phthalocyanine bluesbronzing : Full More…
51. brunswick black
brunswick black : A black varnish, usually a solution of asphalturn.
52. brunswick green
brunswick green : A green obtained from a mixture of Chrome yellow and Prussian Blue.
53. brush disturbance/floating/flooding
brush disturbance/floating/flooding : When pigments have been disturbed in this way, wait until the paint is completely dry. Thoroughly clean down the surface to remove all dirt, grease and More…
54. bubbling/aeration/floating
bubbling/aeration/floating : There's only one way to cure this problem. Thoroughly clean down the surface to remove all dirt, grease and surface contaminants. Then carefully scrape More…
55. build
build : The actual or apparent thickness of a dried film of paint.
56. burning off
burning off : The removal of paint by means of heat applied to the surface by means of a blow-lamp.
57. butt
butt : A joint formed between two squared ends which come together but do not overlap. Also used for 'butt hinge' and refers to the type of hinge commonly used for doors and More…
58. C.I.
C.I. : Cast Iron; an abbreviation widely used in building.
59. cap
cap : The top of any work but especially short term for capital.
60. capital
capital : The ornamental mouldings at the top of a column pier or pilaster.