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1. varnish
varnish : A transparent coating based on drying oils and resins.
2. vehicle
vehicle : The vehicle and the pigment are the two basic components of paint. The vehicle is made up of thinner and binder.
3. vent pipe
vent pipe : Any ventilating shaft; expansion pipe from a hot water system or other sealed tank or circuit.
4. verge
verge : The edge of the roof covering projected beyond a gable end.
5. vinyl emulsions
vinyl emulsions : Emulsions based on PVA or other vinyl compounds.
6. viscosity
viscosity : A measurement of the consistency and/or other properties of a paint, i.e. thickness or thinness.
7. VOC
VOC : Volatile organic content. Any carbon compound that evaporates under standard test conditions. Essentially all paint solvents except water are VOCs. Federal and state governments are More…
8. volume solids
volume solids : The volume of pigment plus binder divided by the total volume, expressed as a percent. High volume solids mean a thicker dry film improving hiding and durability.