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1. tack rag
tack rag : A fabric impregnated with a special oil or resin which remains tacky. Used to remove dust, etc. from a surface immediately prior to painting.
2. tank
tank : Large metal container for holding water or other liquid usually completely enclosed and rectangular in shape.
3. tears
tears : See 'runs'
4. telltale
telltale : A label or tab of some material. Often a patch of cement and sand or plaster placed across a crack to show whether any future movement occurs.
5. tenon
tenon : The end of a piece of wood cut in a rectangular form to fit into a cavity of the same shape and size cut in another piece (a mortice).
6. terebine
terebine : A form of liquid drier for paint, originally a combination of solvent linseed oil and metallic salts. Now tends to be used by the painter for any liquid drying agent.
7. thinner
thinner : The thinner and binder together form the paint's vehicle. Water thinner used in latex paints evaporates as the paint dries, allowing a smooth paint application. Turpentine or More…
8. thixotropy
thixotropy : Also known as 'false body'. Usually refers to gel type paints which in the tin appear to be very thick or even solid. When applied by brush or roller the gel More…
9. tinter
tinter : Any coloured pigment or paint mixture used to make small adjustments in colour to an already prepared paint.
10. titanium dioxide
titanium dioxide : A highly opaque inert white pigment. It is the white pigment almost exclusively used in the manufacture of all 'white paint' or in colours which require the More…
11. tongued and grooved
tongued and grooved : See 'match boarding'
12. transom
transom : horizontal bar of stone timber or metal across a mullioned window. Also the horizontal member separating a door and fanlight.
13. trap
trap : A small door opening in a ceiling giving access to a roof void or in a floor for similar purpose. A bend in a pipe so arranged as to be always full of water and prevent free flow of More…
14. tread
tread : The horizontal part of a step or stair on which the foot treads.
15. trunking
trunking : Description commonly used for ventilating and other ducting usually, but not always, of metal.
16. truss
truss : A combination of timber or metalwork so arranged as to make a rigid frame. Especially used to denote roof framing, hence 'roof truss', examples of which can be readily More…