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1. rabbet
rabbet : See 'rebate'
2. rafter
rafter : A member in the roof structure running from the ridge to the eaves.
3. rail
rail : Horizontal piece of timber in framing or panelling; any horizontal piece of timber.
4. rain spotting
rain spotting : Depressions or surface blemishes in a paint film caused by rain falling on the surface before the paint has fully dried.rain spotting : There's only one way to remove More…
5. raking out
raking out : The process of cutting out cracks in plaster or rendered surfaces to remove loose particles and to provide a key for the repair material.
6. rebate
rebate : A recess cut into a piece of timber so as to fit into another piece to form a joint; a recess in a frame to accommodate a door panel or window. Also spelt 'rabbet'.
7. reinforced concrete
reinforced concrete : Concrete work in which steel bars (reinforcement) are embedded to impart additional strength. Should not be confused with a load-beaming steel structure, clad or More…
8. rendering
rendering : The first rough coat of a plastering system usually composed of lime and/or cement and sand; External 'plastering' on walls and application to all coats in the system More…
9. resin
resin : Term used to describe any gum or resin used for varnish and paint manufacture. In case of synthetic resin the term will embrace liquid syrups as well as the solid material.
10. reveal
reveal : The interior surfaces of a bay are the reveals; also used to describe a 'return' of a wall into a window or door opening.
11. riser
riser : The vertical face of a step or stair.
12. rivelling
rivelling : See 'shrivelling'
13. roof light
roof light : Any form of skylight usually in a pitched roof but also sometimes used as a general term for any window or light in a roof.
14. ropiness
ropiness : Coarse or heavy brush marks are most likely caused either by painting onto a very porous surface, or applying paint in warm conditions. To get rid of the marks, first clean down More…
15. rotten wood
rotten wood : Simply run a pen knife blade across the grain. This will only make a small indentation on sound timber, but on rotten timber the blade will sink in. The only cure is to cut More…
16. rough cast
rough cast : A term often used incorrectly for rough-surfaced rendering; correctly the term applied to a final coating of small stones or chippings mixed with a liquid mixture of mortar or More…
17. round
round : Describes a heavy-bodied paint or one having good build and opacity.
18. round coat
round coat : Usually refers to the liberal application of a full coat of paint.
19. RSJ
RSJ : Rolled steel joist.
20. rubbing down
rubbing down : Preparation of a surface by use of abrasive materials, e.g. glasspaper to obtain a smooth surface for painting over or to provide a 'key' for subsequent coats.