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1. obliteration
obliteration : The quality or degree that a coat of paint hides the underlying surface; opacity.
2. oil length
oil length : See 'long oil'
3. oleoresinous
oleoresinous : Generally refers to varnishes composed of vegetable drying oils in conjunction with resins which may be either natural or synthetic.
4. opacity
opacity : The ability of a coat of paint to obliterate the surface to which it is applied.
5. orange peel
orange peel : The 'dimple' effect on a paint coating. With spray application it is often caused by insufficient thinning. With roller application it is usually caused by More…
6. orange peeling
orange peeling : When spraying, insufficient thinning can create this 'dimple' effect on a paint coating. The same is true when using a roller, or it could be the wrong type of More…
7. oxidation
oxidation : The process whereby substances combine with oxygen. Oil paints dry by oxidation of the oil content.