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1. lacquer
lacquer : A term usually applied to coatings that dry entirely by evaporation of the solvent.
2. lagging
lagging : The process of covering vessels or pipes with a non-conducting material to prevent loss or ingress of heat.
3. laitance
laitance : A milky type deposit from newly applied concrete.
4. lantern light
lantern light : A rectangular projection on a flat roof, usually with vertical sides and wholly or partly glazed to admit light and air to the building beneath.
5. lap
lap : In painting, the expression 'to lap' refers to the joining up of a section of painting to a previously painted, but still wet, section. Normally it is important for the More…
6. latex paint
latex paint : Water-based paint made with synthetic binders such as 100% acrylic vinyl, acrylic terpolymer or styrene acrylic. Latex paint dries fast, flows smoothly and cleans up easily More…
7. lath and plaster
lath and plaster : Describes a form of ceiling or wall construction in which narrow strips of wood are fixed to the framing or joists over which plaster coatings are spread.
8. laying off
laying off : The final brush strokes on any surface during a painting operation. These strokes are made after the paint has been spread evenly over the surface.
9. laylight
laylight : A window fixed horizontally in a ceiling to admit light (natural or artificial).
10. lead paint
lead paint : Usually refers to a paint based on white lead or red lead but more widely can mean any paint containing a lead pigment.
11. leafing
leafing : Certain metallic pigments such as aluminium in the form of thin, flat flakes (as distinct from the granular form) which float to the surface of a paint coating and slightly More…
12. legged and braced door
legged and braced door : A door formed of boards fixed to a frame with diagonal bracing pieces.
13. let down
let down : To dilute a material usually to improve application properties.
14. levelling
levelling : The ability of a coating to form a smooth film without brush marks appearing.
15. lifting
lifting : A new coat of paint can sometimes soften the previous coat and cause wrinkling or 'lifting'. This can be the result of using a different type of new coating over the More…
16. light
light : Any glazed opening, window, etc. is termed a light.
17. light fastness
light fastness : The degree of resistance to colour fading of pigments in paint on exposure to light.
18. limewash
limewash : A white or pale coloured coating for brickwork, stucco, cob, walls, etc. which is made from freshly slaked quicklime to which a binding agent such as tallow has been stirred in More…
19. lining paper
lining paper : A plain 'wallpaper' for use as a ground for painting or wall hangings. Usually white or creamy white in colour and generally used for high quality work and to More…
20. linseed oil
linseed oil : An oil obtained by crushing flax seed. Its drying properties make it suitable as a paint medium but it is now used mainly for modifying synthetic resins.