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1. keenes cement
keenes cement : A quick-setting, hard wall plaster, slower in set than plaster of Paris and normally used to produce hard, well-trowelled surfaces.
2. keep alive/keep open
keep alive/keep open : Refers to the condition of a paint which has been applied for a short while but is still in a sufficiently liquid condition to be successfully joined up and to dry More…
3. key
key : As a paint term this refers to the slight roughness of a surface which enables a coat of paint to achieve good mechanical adhesion to the surface.
4. keystone
keystone : The central locking stone in an arch.
5. knotting
knotting : A solution of shellac in methylated spirit used for treating knots and resinous timber to prevent stains from the timber discolouring the paint. It cannot be expected to hold More…