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1. hair cracks
hair cracks : This usually refers to very fine cracks which occur in plaster or cement rendered walls and which are often not seen until the surface is being painted. These cracks are too More…
2. hard dry
hard dry : This term is normally used to denote that the paint has dried without 'tack' or 'softness'. In the case of primer or undercoat a hard dry surface is one which More…
3. hard gloss paint
hard gloss paint : General term for an oil-varnish bound paint originally used to distinguish such paints from those based solely on a drying oil.
4. hard stopper
hard stopper : A drying or setting material which is sufficiently stiff to stop up open joints and holes in timber without sagging and which will not shrink when set. Usually applied with a More…
5. hard stopping
hard stopping : A material in stiff paste form usually applied by knife to fill deep indentations cracks or joints in a painted surface. It dries hard through and should not be confused More…
6. hardboard
hardboard : Hard-pressed fibre building board.
7. hardwood
hardwood : Wood from a tree of the botanical group of trees that are broadleaved and usually deciduous. The term has no reference to the actual hardness of the wood.
8. header
header : A stone or brick laid across the thickness of the wall. On the face of the brickwork only the end of the header is visible. Opposite to 'stretcher'.
9. heartwood
heartwood : Inner zone of wood that in a growing tree has ceased to contain living cells. It is usually more durable than the outer zone of sapwood.
10. heavy body
heavy body : See 'body'
11. hiding power
hiding power : The ability of paint to hide or obscure a surface colour of stain over which it has been uniformly applied. Hiding power is provided by the paint's pigment
12. holidays
holidays : A term used to define a small area missed during the application of a paint coating e.g. where during application of a gloss paint a small area of undercoat is left unpainted. More…
13. hot surface
hot surface : In the painting sense this denotes a highly absorbent surface which tends to take up the liquid content of paint very rapidly.
14. hue
hue : The attribute of a colour that determines whether it is red yellow green blue purple etc.
15. hungry
hungry : A thin coating applied over a porous surface can often have poor 'build', known as a 'hungry' coating. The solution is to thoroughly clean down the surfaces to More…