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1. gable
gable : The triangular upper part of an external wall formed by the sloping ends of the roof.
2. galvanised iron
galvanised iron : Steel or iron that has been zinc-coated generally by immersion in a bath of molten zinc.
3. gelling
gelling : A condition in which a paint changes usually on storage into a jelly-like state and cannot be restored to a usable condition.
4. gesso
gesso : A composition for executing designs in relief on woodwork and plaster – made of whiting and glue or plaster of Paris and size.
5. glaze
glaze : In painting this refers to a transparent or lightly pigmented coating used to modify the previously applied coating to produce a rich effect in depth.
6. glazing
glazing : When used as a painting term denotes the application of a thin translucent coloured coating to produce an effect or depth of colour not obtainable by the use of a fully pigmented More…
7. glazing bar
glazing bar : The shaped and rebated narrow member of metal or wood into which glass is bedded or fixed.
8. gloss
gloss : The extent to which a painted surface reflects light. The degree of gloss may be described as ranging from: matt or flat (having no visible gloss); eggshell; semi-gloss; full gloss More…
9. gold size
gold size : A general description for an adhesive used for affixing gold leaf. It can be either a gelatine or glue-size or an oil-varnish. The latter product is now usually meant and is More…
10. gold-leaf
gold-leaf : Pure gold beaten out to produce an extremely thin leaf (approx. 1/2000 000 of an inch) and applied to surfaces to be gilded.
11. gouache
gouache : A method of painting with opaque colours that have been ground in water and mixed with a preparation of gum; also any picture painted by this method.
12. graffiti
graffiti : Graffiti is a very difficult problem to deal with and may require a specialist removal company in the most severe cases. Normal decorative paints are not suitable for painting More…
13. graining
graining : A method of imitating the grain of wood by the application of semi-transparent coat or coats over a painted groundwork. It should not be confused with 'staining' which More…
14. grinning
grinning : When a paint does not completely obliterate the under-surface the latter is said to be 'grinning through'. Grinning : When an under-surface shows through a painted More…
15. ground
ground : A general term for a surface suitable for painting; also used for an undercoat particularly an undercoat for graining or glazing.
16. grout
grout : Thin fluid mortar or cement mixture for filling joints or interstices or for bonding loose rubble.
17. gypsum
gypsum : A hydrous crystalline calcium sulphate used as an extender pigment in some paints and in special cement paints and is the basis of some wall plasters.