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1. facade
facade : The external surface of a building; the external elevation.
2. facing brick
facing brick : A type of brick of better quality and appearance then common brick.
3. fading
fading : Surfaces where the colour has faded due to exposure to ultra violet sunlight should be thoroughly cleaned down to removed all dirt, grease and surface contaminants. Then rub down More…
4. faience
faience : Glazed pottery and hence glazed terracotta bricks used for facing work on buildings.
5. failure
failure : Breakdown of a paint film such as cracking, flaking, blistering etc.
6. false body
false body : Also known as 'Thixotropy'. Usually refers to gel type paints which in the tin appear to be very thick or even solid. When applied by brush or roller the gel More…
7. false ceiling
false ceiling : A lower dummy ceiling suspended below the main structure to improve appearance or proportions or to hide pipes structural steel etc.
8. fanlight
fanlight : Properly a window shaped like an open fan over a door or opening. From this it is often used to describe any shaped window in such a position.
9. fascia
fascia : A broad flat surface or member over a shop from or below a cornice; a board carrying a gutter around the eaves of a building.
10. fat edge
fat edge : A heavy accumulation of paint at the edge of a painted surface.
11. fattening
fattening : An increase in the viscosity of a paint on storage. Also called 'feeding'.
12. feather edged
feather edged : Boards tapered to one thin edge to allow for neat over-lapping when used for cladding a structure.
13. feathering
feathering : Tapering off the edges of a coat of paint when touching in by laying off with a comparatively dry brush. Where some paint has flaked off 'feathering' is the tapering More…
14. ferro-concrete
ferro-concrete : See 'reinforced concrete'
15. fiberous plaster
fiberous plaster : Plaster slabs mouldings or ornament made up from wood laths course canvas and plaster and case in the desired form before fixing. Also called 'stick and rag More…
16. fibre board
fibre board : Building board made from fibrous material such as wood pulp or other vegetable fibre. The term is normally used for the hard-pressed board the soft board being termed More…
17. fibre brushes
fibre brushes : Brushes with a vegetable fibre filling and which are suitable for applying limewash because the fibres do not soften in contact with lime unlike bristles. Fibre is often More…
18. filler
filler : A composition for levelling off the finer defects of a surface often after the coarser defects such as cracks have been made good with a hard stopper. A filler is applied with a More…
19. film formation
film formation : The paint's ability to form a continuous dry film. In a latex paint this process is the result. of the water's evaporating and the coming together of the binder More…
20. finish coat
finish coat : The last coat applied in a multiple coat paint system e.g. primer undercoat with a gloss finishing coat.