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1. earth pigments
earth pigments : A class of pigments usually mined direct from the earth. Also known as natural or mineral pigments e.g. red and yellow iron oxides yellow ochre, raw sienna, raw umber.
2. eaves
eaves : The lower edge of a roof where it projects beyond the face of a wall.
3. efflorescence
efflorescence : Known as 'efflorescence', these effects appear as a result of salts crystallising in materials such as bricks. The fluffy deposits can be removed with coarse More…
4. eggshell
eggshell : A degree of glossiness broadly midway between matt and high gloss.
5. elasticity
elasticity : The ability of paint to expand and contract with the substrate without suffering damage or changes in it's appearance. Expansion and contraction are usually caused by some More…
6. elevation
elevation : The facade of a building; the external elevation.
7. emulsion paints
emulsion paints : Water thinned paints based on a variety of synthetic resins including acrylics vinyl acetate and vinyl versatate. These generally have fair to good resistance to alkali More…
8. enamel
enamel : Traditionally a slow-drying highly glossy paint having very good flowing properties but low opacity. Recently has been used more widely to describe any type of high-gloss finish. More…
9. enrichment
enrichment : Ornament particularly carved or modelled decoration to a building.
10. epoxy resins
epoxy resins : Synthetic resins which when used in a two-pack product have good resistance to chemicals hard wear and abrasion.
11. etch primer
etch primer : A thin lightly pigmented primer designed to increase the adhesion of a paint process when applied to surfaces particularly of non-ferrous metal on which paint will not More…
12. extender
extender : A less expensive ingredient than pigment (titanium dioxide) it fills out and extends the pigment's capabilities. Extender cannot be used without pigment. Some common More…