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1. dado
dado : The plain face of the body of a pedestal hence the deep border or band around the lower part of a room wall.
2. damp course
damp course : A layer of slate lead or bituminous composition built into a wall to prevent damp rising from the ground or soaking in from a ledge or parapet.
3. dampness in walls
dampness in walls : Dampness can be caused by any number of problems, from broken rainwater pipes to defective pointing in brickwork. Whatever the source, it needs to be identified and More…
4. denatured (grey) wood
denatured (grey) wood : No. Failing to completely remove wood that has been exposed to weather and sunlight is a common cause of paint failure. Use a sander to remove the top surface layer More…
5. discolouration
discolouration : Any change from the original colour can be caused by a variety of factors e.g. atmospheric pollution ageing of oil based paints.
6. dispersion
dispersion : The suspension of very fine particles of solid pigment in oil varnish or other medium.dispersion : The way pigment particles are distributed finely and evenly throughout the More…
7. distemper
distemper : A term used for the broad classification of water thinned coatings which were generally used for walls and ceilings before the advent of modern emulsion paints.
8. door furniture
door furniture : Term covering the fittings to a door viz. Handles finger-plates etc.
9. drying
drying : The solidification of an applied paint film. Emulsions dry by evaporation of water oil based paints dry by evaporation of solvent followed by oxidation of the oil content.
10. drying time
drying time : The time required for an applied paint film to reach its full degree of hardness.
11. durability
durability : The degree to which paint withstands the destructive effects on the environment to which it is exposed especially harsh weather conditions. Durability has two aspects. Its More…
12. dust/bittiness on new paintwork
dust/bittiness on new paintwork : This can be caused by dust and dirt in the air settling on the paint surface; by using a dirty paint brush, or by stirring skin into the paint. In either More…
13. dutch metal
dutch metal : A cheaper alternative to gold leaf consisting basically of copper.