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1. C.I.
C.I. : Cast Iron; an abbreviation widely used in building.
2. cap
cap : The top of any work but especially short term for capital.
3. capital
capital : The ornamental mouldings at the top of a column pier or pilaster.
4. casement
casement : A window hinged to open along one of its vertical edges.
5. cavity wall
cavity wall : Hollow wall, normally consisting of two 4.5 inch brick walls with a 2-inch cavity between, being tied together at intervals with metal ties. It provides better thermal and More…
6. cellulose paint
cellulose paint : Paint in which the binder consists essentially of nitrocellulose or cellulose acetate dissolved in suitable solvent.
7. centring
centring : A temporary timber support for an arch during its construction.
8. chalking
chalking : The disintegration of paint film into a faded powdery substance. Chalking occurs when the binder cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions. Re-painting over a chalky More…
9. chamfer
chamfer : An arris edge or angle that has been slightly pared off or bevelled.
10. checking
checking : A form of 'cracking' q.v.
11. cheesiness
cheesiness : A paint film that has dried in this condition is mechanically weak and needs to be completely removed. Carefully clean down the surfaces and allow to dry before reapplying More…
12. chequer-plate
chequer-plate : A patterned steel plate used for flooring.
13. chimney breast
chimney breast : The projection formed in a room by the flue and fireplace.
14. chipboard
chipboard : A building board or sheet made from wood chips bonded with resin or plastic.
15. chipping
chipping : Paint applied over varnish or wood stain can sometimes chip off if knocked. Should this happen, you'll first need to thoroughly clean down the surfaces to remove all dirt, More…
16. chlorinated rubber
chlorinated rubber : Superceded in many cases by Acrylated rubber due to the trichloromethane. Natural rubber re-acted with chlorine to produce a hard resin-like substance which forms the More…
17. cissing
cissing : The failure of paint to form a continuous film by forming into ‘droplets’. Usually caused by grease or other contamination on the surface being painted.
18. cissing on new paintwork
cissing on new paintwork : The paint can't adhere to the surface because of contamination by oil, grease, wax or polish. So the paint draws back, leaving unpainted areas, usually in More…
19. cistern
cistern : Reservoir for storing water, nowadays usually ceramic or plastic.
20. cladding
cladding : The term used to describe the surface covering of a building particularly in sheeting or boarding.