16:9 ratio


4:3 ratio


A, acting, actor/actress, ad-lips, addes scenes, AE-L dan AF-L, AF, AF-D, AF-Lock, AF-S, AFD, AFS, AFS-C, agent, AL servo AF, ambience, ambient light, amount, anamorphic, angle, angle of view, animator, answer print, AP, aperture, aperture diafragma, aperture priority, aperture priority auto exposure, apple box, APS, AR range, art departement, art director, artificial light, artificial shot, ASA, ascpect ratio, asisten produser, aspect rasio, aspect ratio, aspherical lens, asst. cameraman, asst. director, asst. lighting, atmosfir /ambience, audio effect, audio mixing, audio visual, auto exposure, auto focus, auto ISO, auto lighting optimizer/active d-lighting, auto mode, auto program programed auto, auto winder, autofocus, automatic exposure, AV priority, available light, available lighting, aviable light


B & W, back, back focus, back light, back light shot, background, backlight, barn doors, barney, batteray, battery grip, bayonet, best boy, BI, big close up, bird eye view, blank, blimp, blitz, blitzlichtpulver, blocking, blocking segment, blomming, blouwer, blow up, blue-is, blur, BO, body frame, body frame, body pod, bokeh, boom, boom man, booth man, bottom light, bounce, bounce card, bounce flash, bracketing, breakaway, breakdown, breakdown budget, breakdown shot, bridging scene, brightness, broadcaster, broadcasting, budget, budget produksi, built in dioptri, built in product, built-in diopter, bulb, bulb mode, bulb, b(ulb) bohlam, bulk film, bulp, bumper, bumper in, bumper out, burn dan dodge, burst, burst mode


C, CA, cable release, call, call sheet, camcorder, camera, camera angle, camera blocking, camera boom, camera departement, camera noise, camera obscura, camera person, camera report, camera roll, camera tracks, cameraman, cameraperson, can, candid, candid camera, candid photography, canned music, captions, capture, cast, casting, casting director, catching, catwalk, CBB, CCD, cel, celluloid, cement film, center of focus, center weight, center weighted metering, century stand, change focus, changing bag, channel, character man or woman, chin up, chroma key, chromakey, chromatic aberration, cinema, cinema scope, cinematographer, cinemobile, clapper, clapper board, clapper boards, clear-com, clip hanger, clip on, cloning, close medium shoot, close shoot, close up, close-up, CMOS, CMOS sensorCMOS sensor, coating, cold tone, color balance, colourmeter, commercial, commercial break, compact flash card, compactflash, compilation film, composite print, composition, console, contact glass, continous mode, continuity, continuity editing, continuity title, continuous light, continuous shot mode, contrast, control room, cook, cookie, copter mount, costume designer, cover set, cover shoot, cover shot, coverage, CPL, crab dolly, crane, crawl, crawling title, crawling/running text, crazy shot, credit, credit title, crop, croping, cropping, crosfade, cross blocking, cross cut, cross cutting, cross plot, cross process, cue, cue light, cut, cut and hold, cut back, cut to, cutaway, cutting, cutting on beat, cutting on the action, cutting room


dailies, data imprint, dead center, density, dept of field, depth, depth of field, depth of focus, diafragma, dialogue coach or dialogue director, diaphragm, diaphragm lens, diffuser, diffusers, digicam, digital slr, digital zoom, digitizing, DIL, dimmer, diopter adjustment, DIR, director, dissolve, distorsi, distortion, docudrama, documentary, DOF, dolly, dollying, DOP, double, DRAM, dramatic emotion, dress the set, drift, dry box, DSLR, dual role, dub, dubbing, dubing, dubs, dulling spray, durasi, durasi program, DVB-T, dynamic cutting


editing, editing accelerated, editor, editorial departement, educational film, EF-S, electric departement, electrician, electromagnet, emulsi film, emulsion, engineering, episode, esay foto, ESP, establish shot, EV, evaluative, exclusive contract, exhibitor, EXIF, exposed, exposure, exposure compensation, exposure index, exposure mode, ext., extension tube, extra, extreme close up, eye piece blind


f-number, f-stop, fade out, fade in, false move, fashion photography, fast lens, fast motion, feature, feature film, feature part, FID, fifty-fifty, file formats, fill fash, fill in, fill in flash, fill light, filler, film, film clip, film director, film frame counter, film loader, film transparency, filter, final cut, final editing, fine art photography, fine cut, firmware, first assistant cameramen, first cameraman, first run, fish eye, fish eye lens, fisheye lens, fishpole boom, fitting, fix lens, fixed lens, flag, flare, flash, flash bumper, flash exposure compensation, flash frame, flash memory, flash pan, flash sync, flashback, flat lighting, flat print, floor, floor director, floor plan, flub, fluid head, fluorite, focal length, focal plane, focus, focus lock, focus of interest, focus ring, focus servo, focusing screen, fog maker, fokus, follow focus, follow shots, footage, footage counter, fore ground, foreground, format JPEG, format RAW, fotografi birds eye view, fotografi film, four walled set, FPS, frame, frame line, frame per second, frame timing, frames per second, framing, freelancer, freeze, frequency modulation, fringe time, front focus, front light, full blocking time, full frame, FX


gaffer, geared head, gen, GN, GND, gobo, golden section, grading, grain, grainy, green departement, grip, grip chain, guide number


hairdresser, hairdresser departement, hand cue, hand held, HDMI, headroom, high angle, high dynamic range, high head, high key, high light, high-definition video, high-key photo, highlight, holga, honeycomb, hot set, hot shoe, hot spot, hotshoe, hunting location


idiot cards, image, image stabilzation, in house production, incident light metering, infinity, infrared, insert shot, int., intercut, internal focusing, IS, ISO


jell, jimmy jib, jingle, jinglet, JIS, jumping shot


kejar tayang, key grip, key light, kit lens, kompensasi


lab, landscape, landscape photography, large format camera, LCD, lens, lens cap, lens flare, lens hood, lens mount, lensa, lense blade, light contrast, light meter, lightmeter, limbo, lining up, lip-sync, live, live on tape, live view, location departement, lomografi, long exposure, long focus lens, long shot, looks, loose spot, low angle, low-key, lower 3rd/CG lower third/telop/title, LS, LT


M, M.O.S., macro, macro lens, macro mode, macro photography, magazine, magic hour, magnetic recorder, magnification, main light, make-up call, make-up departement, makro, manual, manual mode, mark it, marks, married print, master control, master shot, mastering, match, matching directions, matte, matte box, maximum aperture, measuring tape, medium close up, medium format camera, medium long shot, medium shoot, medium shot, megapixel, memory card, metering, metering center weight, metering matrix, metering spot, MF, microphone shadow, microphotography, middle close up, minimum aperture, mixing, MMC, MMC card, mock-up, mode, monochrome, monopod, montage, mood, motordrive, movie mode, moving shot, MPEG-2, multispot, music departement, music scoring


N.G., ND filter, nebula filter, neutral density, night mode, noise, non-exclusive contract, non-reflex camera, non-theatrical film, normal lens, NTSC


O.S., OBB, obscura, observasi, OE, OFDM, off air, off-center, off-shoe, offline, on air, online, opening scene, optical sharpness, optical zoom, optik, orthochromatic film, outs, out takes, over, over exposure, over the shoulder, overexposure, overhead lighting, overlap, override


P, P.O.V., PAL, panning, panning photography, panorama mode, panoramic photography, PH, pixel, plot, pocket camera, POI, point and shoot camera, point of interest, polarizing circular filter, polarizing color filter, polarizing conversion filter, polarizing fider filter, polarizing filter, pop up flash, portrait, portrait photography, post-processing, power pack, PPM, practical, prime lens, prime time, print, producer, production assistant, production departement, production manager, production unit, prop box, prop man, prosumer camera, public service announcement, pull dan push




rain cluster, rainbow fantasy filter, rana, rana celah, rana pusat, rasio untuk tayangan televisi, rating, RAW file, raw stock, re-load, re-run, re-take, reaction shot, recce, recording, red eye, red eye reduction, reel of film, reflector, release cable, release dub, release print, reloadable to last framer, remake, rembrandt lighting, remote, rerun, research departement, resolution, restripe, retake, retina, retouch, reverse, reverse adapter, rigging, ROL, roll, rolling text, rough cut, RT, rule of third, rule of thirds, run of station, run through, rundown, running shot, running text, rushes


sandbag, saturasi, saturation, scouting, screen play, screen test, scrim, script format, script marking, script supervisor, SD Card, second assistant cameraman, second cameraman, second curtain sync, secure digital high capacity, segmen, self adjusting, self timer, self timer shooting, semi blocking time, sense of design, sepia toner, sequence, SFN, shade, shadow, shape, sharing, sharpness, shooting board, shoulder time, shutter, shutter button, shutter count, shutter priority, shutter release, shutter speed, SI, siaran tunda, side light, side lighting, silent wave motor, silhouette, silica gel, siluet, simply shot, single lens reflect, single point reading, single servo autofocus, single-lens-reflex, skala, slave unit, slot, slow, slow motion, SLR, small format camera, snapshoot, snapshot, sneak, snoot, snow cross, socket, soft box, soft focus, soft focus lens, soft light, soft screen, soft spot filter, soft tone filter, softbox, solarisasi, sonar autofocus, sound camera, special effect, special effect filter, special filter, special lens, special purpose lens, spectrum, speedlight, speedlite, speedo solarisasi, splice, splicing, spot metering, sprocket, station bug, station ID, steady shot, step-up/down ring, stereo camera, still life, still man, sting, stock shot, stop, stop bath, stop frame, story board, storyboard, storyline, striping, stripping film, strobist, strobo, subtitle, subtractive, sunshade, super impose, super wide, super wide lens, superimpose, superimposure, supers, suspense, swish pan, sync cord terminal, sync shutter speed, syncro


table-stand, tag line, take, talkshow, tape, tape splice, taping, TDM Time division multiplexing, teaser, technirama, tele converter, tele lens, tele-photo lens, telecast, telecine, telefilm, telegraph, telephoto, telephoto lens, telephoto medium, teleplay, teleprinter, teletex, teletext, telex, template, test strip, texture, that’s a hold, three color processes, three strip camera, threshold, through the lens, through the lens matering, ticker, tight shoot, tilt, tilt head, tilt shoot, timbre, time signal, timelapse, timer switch, timing, timing sheet, title, TLR, tone, tone track, top light, top lighting, track, tracking shoot, tranducer, translusen, transmisi, transparan, transparancy, transportation departement, travel ghost, treatment, triangle, tripod, tripod socket, tripot, trucking shoot, TTL, tungsten film, TV, TVC, twin lens reflex, two shoot, two/three shot


ultra sonic motor, ultra wide angle lens, under, under exposure, undercrank, underexposed, unit manager, USM, UV filter


variabel density recording, variable area recording, variable speed motor, vario focal lens, vario lens, VCR Video Casette Recorder, vertical grip, very long shot, VHS Video home Sistem, vibration reduction, video streaming, videotex, view camera, view data, view finder, viewfinder, vignette, VO, voice cue, voice over, VR, VTR, VTR Video Tape Recorder


waist level finder, wardrobe, wardrobe box, wardrobe departement, warm tone, watermark, watt / second, white balance, wide angle, wide angle lens, wide lens, wide shoot, wide shot, widescreen, wild line, wild recording, wild shooting, wild sound, wildtrack, wind machine, wipe, wireless TTL, woofer, workshop, worm eye, wrap


xenon lamp


yagi aerial


Z.O, zone system, zoom, zoom blur, zoom lens, zooming ring

“camera right”, “camera left”