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0.13-micron technology




3-D pie chart, 3-D reference, 3-D walls and floor, 3D Studio Max, 3G, 3GP


4G, 4GM, 4RL


A-GPS, A/S/L, A2DP, AAC, AAM, AAMOF, abend, ABFL, ABI, abiword, abort, about microsoft word, absolute address, absolute cell reference, ABT, access, access method, access point, access time, accessibillity, accessories, account, accoustic coupler, accumulator, acknowledge, ACL, ACPI, activate, activate product, active, active cell, active sheet, active task button, active window, activex, ad, ad blocker, ad copy, ad impression, ad rotation, ad space, ad view, adapter ADC, ADB, adb shell logcat, adb.exe, ADctd2uv, add text, add URL, add-in, add-ins, address, address block, address book, address bus, adjustable cell, adjustment layer, ADN, adobe pagemaker, adobe photoshop, adsense, ADSL, advance payment, advanced, advertiser, adwords, aero, AFAIC, AFAICR, AFAICS, AFAICT, AFAIK, AFAYC, affiliate, affiliate agreement, affiliate fraud, affiliate marketer, affiliate marketing, affiliate program, affiliate program directory, affiliate program manager, affiliate site, affiliate software, affiliate solution provider, affiliate URL, afgan, AFK, agan/gan, AGP, AGPset, AH, AHCI, AI, air time, AISI, AITR, AIUI, AJAX, AKA, akses, alamat absolut, alamat relatif, alamat semi absolut, alexa rank, ALGOL, algoritma google, aliasing, aligment, align, align left, align right, align text left, align text right, alignment, allocate, allow zero length, ALlWanIsU, ALOHA, alpha numeric, alpha transparent, ALT, Alt + 1, Alt + 2, alt key, alt tag, alt text, alternate startup folder, ALU, AM, AMD760MP, AMD761, AMD762, AMI BIOS, AML, AMOLED, amorphous, amortization, AMR, analog sinyal, anchor, anchor text, AND, AND function, AND gate, animations, anonymous FTP, ANSI, answer back, antena, anti aliasing, anti virus, antivirus, AOL search, AOSP, apache, aperture grill, API, APK, APL, aplikasi browser, APN, APPC, append, application, application development language, application interface, application layer, application layers, application oriented language, application package, application program, application window, apply, applying styles, apps store, apps2SD, appworld, arcade, archie, architecture, archive, argument, argument placeholder, arguments, arithmetic logic unit, arithmetic operators, ARP, ARPANET, ARPU, arrange all, array, array formula, array processor, arrow, arrow keys, arrow style, as new sheet, as object in, ASAP, ascending


B&W, B/C, B/F, B2B, B2C, B2G, B4, B4N, BAC, back, back orifice, back up, backbone, backbone network, background, background printing, backing storage, backlink, backoff delay, backplane, backslash, backspace, backup, backus normal form, backward supervision, bad block table, bada, BAK, balance error, balanced error, balanced transmission, balloons, band, bandrol, bandwidth, bandwith, bang path, banner, banner ad, bar, bar chart, bar code, bar code scanner, baris, BASCOM, BASE, base address, base band, baseline, bash, BASIC, basic access method, basic encoding rules, basic instruction, basic linkage, basic mode, basic software, bata, batch, batch file, batch files, batch processing, batch total, baterai CMOS, battery, baud, baud rate, BB, BBFN, BBIAB, BBL, BBS, BBSD, BC, Bcc, BCC, BCD, BCnU, BCS, BD, beaconing, beep, beep code, BEG, begin, bell character, benchmark, benign virus, BER, beta, bevel and emboss, BF, BFN, BG, BGP, BGWM, bibliography, bid and run, bidirectional bus, bidirectional printing, big endian, big yellow, binary, binary aritmetic operation, binary cell, binary digit, binary file, binary search, binary synchronous transmission, bind, bindery, binding time, BION, BIOS, bios, bipolar, bipolar memory, BIS, BISDN, BISYNC, bit, bit density, bit depth, bit diddling, bit rate, bit slice, bit stuffing, bitmap, BITMT, BITNET, black box, black hat, blackberry, blackberry enterprise server, blackberry internet service, blackberry message, blackhat marketing, blackhat SEO, blank character, blank page, BLAST, blending mode, blink, bloatware, block, block body, block diagram, block input, block structured, block transfer, blog, blog comment, blog walking, blogger, blogroll, blogwalking, bluetooth, BM, BNIB, body, BOF, BOL, bold, BOM, bomb, bomb-mail, book icon, book#, booked, bookmark, boolean algebra, boolean variabel, boot, boot loader, boot record, boot ROM, booting, booting up, bootloader, bootloader mode, BOOTP, bootstrap button, bootstrap loader, BOP, border, border tab, borders, borders and shading, BOT, bot, bottleneck, bottom-up programming, boudot code, bounce, bounce e-mail, bounce rate, bounced, bounds register, boxs dialog, Bps


C&G, C4N, cabling system, cache, cache folder, cache memory, cache2SD, caching, CAD, CADET, CAI, calculated column, calculated field, calculated item, calculator mode, caldera, call, call baring, call barring, call forward, call hold, call instruction, call waiting, caller ID, caller photo ID, callout, CAM, cancel, candidat key, candy bar, cange case, canned software, canonical URL, capacity, caps lock, captcha, caption, card, card file, card issuing bank, card reader, cardholder, carding, carl zeiss, carriage return, carrier, carrier sense multiple access, carry, carry flag, cartridge, CASE, case statement, cash in advance, casing, catalog, category axis, category field, category label, category name, cathode ray tube, CBA, CC, Cc, CCIT, CCIT recommendations, CD, CD drive, CD ROM, CD RW, CD RW drive, CD title, CD-R, CD-ROM, CD-RW, CDIWY, CDMA, CDMA 2000×1, CDMA EVDO, CDMA x1, cell, cell address, cell comments, cell height, cell pointer, cell reference, cell shading, cell width, cellular, CELP, cendol, center, center alignment, centering, central processing unit, centralized operation, centronics interface, CERN, certificate, certifying authority, CFS, CFV, CFY, CGA, CGI, cgi-bin, chace, chainning, chameleon, change case, change history, change log, change styles, channel, channel service unit, character, character oriented protokol, character set, character style, charge back, charger, charging, Charisma Engine II, chart, chart area, chart sheet, chart text boxes, chart title, chart toolbar, chart type group, chart wizard, charts, chat, chat internet, chat room, chatting, CHDIR, check box, check digit, check point, check register, checksum, chip, chipset, ChkDSK, CHS, CID, CIDR, CIF, CIM, circuit board, circuit switched network, circular reference, CISC, citation & bibliography, clamshell, classfull, CLBK, CLDC, clear, clear all short, clear formatting, CLI, click, click rate, click stream, click through rate, click-and-drag, click-and-hold, click-entry method, clickbank, clickthrough, client, client-server, CLIP, clip art, clipboard, clipper, CLIR, CLM, cloacking, cloaking page, clock, clock pulse, clock rate, clock set, clone stamp tool, close, closed architecture, closed user group, CLS, cluster control unit, cluster file, cluster virus, clustered column chart, clustering, Cm, CM@TW, CMIIW, CMIP, CMOS


D/A converter, daisy chain, DARPA, dash style, data, data bars, data bus, data cable, data compression devices, data connectivity, data dictionary, data element, data encryption key, data flow diagram, data form, data hierarchy, data independence, data label, data link, data link layer, data link protocol, data marker, data module, data pane, data point, data processing, data processing manager, data range, data rate, data redudancy, data region, data series, data set, data set ready, data sharing, data source, data source driver, data structure, data table, data table in charts, data terminal ready, data type, data validation, database, database admnistrator, database channel, database collection, database field, database functions, database information utility, database management, database manager, database user, datagram, datagram delivery protocol, datasheet, datasheet view, date & time, date and time, date/time, daverage function, day function, DBA, DBase, DBLSPACE, DBMS, DCCU, DCE, DCed, dcount function, DDBMS, DDE, DDE conversation, DDL, DDN, DDR SDRAM, DDR-RAM, deadlock, deal, debian, debounce, debug, debugging, DEC, decimal, decimal place, decision, decision support system, declaration, DECnet, decoder, decompress, decreament, decrease indent, dedicated, dedicated hosting, dedicated line, dedicated server, dedicated system, dedicated terminal, deep linking, default, default setting, default startup workbook, default value, default workbook template, default worksheet template, defense data network information centre, deference process, deindexs, del, delay distortion, DELCON, delete, delete contact, delete operation, delete rows, delimeter, delimiter, delivery, delivery receipt, delphi, deltree, demodulation, demographics, denial of service attack, dense wavelength division multiplexing, density, dependent cells, dependents, DES, desarutate, descenders, descending, deselect, design, design view, desktop, desktop publishing, destination area, destructive read, detail data, detect and repair, developer, device, device control, device sharing, DGA, DGAF, DGARA, DH, DHCP, DHTML, DIAF, diagnostic check, diagnostic message, diagnostic mode, diagnostic routine, diagram, diagram object, dial, dial line, dial up, dial up line, dial up terminal, dial-up, dial-up connection, dialog box, dialog box launcher, dictionary, differential encoding, diffusion dithering, digital, digital camera, digital computer, digital imaging, digital network architecture, Digital Research Inc, digital routing protocol, digital service unit, digital signal processing, digital signature, digital zoom, dimensi, dimension, DIMM, dimmed, dimmend command, DIP, DIP switch, DIR, direct, direct access storage, direct access storage devices, direct access windows, direct address, direct interface, direct lookup, direct traffic, direct x


e-book, e-business, e-commerce, e-government, e-learning, e-mail, e-mail address, e-mail virus, e-wallet, E2eg, EAK, EAROM, earphone, EBCDIC, echo, echo check, echo protocol, echo suppressor, ECL, ECMA, ecommerce, EDFA, edge, EDGE, EDI, EDIFACT, edit, edit capability, edit line, edit recepient list, editor program, EDO, EDO RAM, EDP, EDP management science, EDPS, EDR, EEPROM, EFF, effective address, effective instruction, effectiveness level, effects, EFT, EG, EGA, egoless programming, egosurfer, EIA, EIA inteface, EIE, EIGRP, EISA, eject, electric delay line, electronic bulletin board, electronic differential analyzer, electronic mail, elemen komputer, else, email, email address, email discussion lists, email marketing, email signature, embed, embedded chart, embedded system, embedding, EMFBI, EMFJI, emoticon, empahasized, EMS, EMSG, emulation, emulator, enabled, enabling the line, encapsulation facility, encode, encoder, encryption, end, end distortion, end note, end of carry, end of data mark, end of file mark, end system, end users, end-of-document marker, ending delimiter, endless loop, engineering time, enhanced screentip, ENIAC, enkripsi, enter, entity, entrance, entry, entry condition, entry level, entry sorting, entry variabel file, envelopes, environment pointer, EOD, EOF, EOF mark, EOF routine, EOL, EOM, EOS, EOT, EOT recognition, EPC, EPS, Epson, equal, equality circuit, equalization, equalizer, equation, equipment compatibility, equipment failure, equipment room, equivalence gate, erasability of storage, erasable storage, eraser tool, erasing head, ERD, ergonomics, error, error analysis, error bars, error character, error checking and recovery, error corecting codes, error corecting routine, error detecting codes, error detection, error detection and feedback system, error interrupt, error list, error message, error protocol, error rate, error routine, esc, ether talk, ethernet, ethernet cable, ethernet card, ethernet meltdown, eudora, EVDO, even driver application, event, exact match types, excel add-in, excel spreadsheet, excel table, exception report, exchange server, exclamation point, exclusive OR, exclusive OR gate, EXE, execute, execution control program, execution cycle, execution error detection, execution time, executive, executive instruction, executive system utilities, EXIF, exip, exit, expandable, expanded batch, expansion, expansion card, expansion slot, expert system, explode, exploded pie chart, exploit, explorer, export, export file, expression, EXT, extended LAN, extended memory, extended partition, extended precission word


F, F/F, F2F, F2T, F4, F5, F6, F7, F?, face detection, facility assignment, facility length, facsimile, fading, failure, faktor interleave, fanfold paper, FAQ, far end crosstalk, FARNET, FAST, fast access storage, fast ethernet, fast select, FAT, fatal bug, fatal error, favorites, FAWC, FBOW, FBTW, FCFS, FCOL, FDDI, federal communication comission, federal information exchange, feedback loop, female connector, fetch, fetch bit, FFA, FFS, fiber optic, fiber optic cable, field, field button, field engineer, field length, field programmable logic array, field size, FIFO, file, file form, file header, file list, file maintenance, file name, file name text box, file opening, file organization, file organization routine, file search, file separator, file server, file sharing, file sistem, file system, file transfer, file transfer protocol, file type, file unit, filename extension, files of type box, fill by example, fill color, fill handle, fill pointer, filler, filter, filtering, filters, find, find add-ins for other file format, find and replace dialog box, find card, find in field dialog box, find recipient, fine index, finger, fire wall, firewall, firewire, firmware, first generation computer, first order subroutine, FISH, fit, fit text, fit to page, FITB, fitur, fix no cancel, fixed, fixed area, fixed disk, fixed field method, fixed head storage device, fixed length record, fixed line, fixed media, fixed point arithmetic, fixed point number, fixed position addressing, FLA, FLAC, flag, flag flip-flop, flame, flash, flash cards, flash lite, flash memory, flash pix, flashdisk, flat panel, flight mode, flight path computer, flip-flop, float over text, floating point, floating point arithmetic, floating point number, floating point routine, flood, flooder, flooding, floopy disk, floppy disk, FLOPS, flow control, FM, FMCDH, FOAF, FOC, FOCL, FOFL, folder, folding, font, font color, font formatting, font size, font styles, footer, footnote, footnotes, footprint, for you information, foreground, foreign key, form, form letters, format, format cells, format effector, format feed, format painter, format picture dialog box, formatting, formatting text, formatting toolbar, formula, formula auditing, formula bar, formula palette, formulas, forth, FORTRAN, forward, For…Next, FOS, FOTCL, four-colour process, fourth generation computer, foxbase, foxpro, FPS, FPU, fragment, fragmentation, frame, frame check sequence, frame l, frame rate, frame relay, frame status field, frame U, frames, free format, freehand


G, G&BIT, G2B, G2G, G2GGS2D, G2GTAC, G2GTAP, GA, GaAS, gadget, GAFIA, gain, gak delivered, GAL, gallery, gambar bitmap, game, game port, gantt chart, gap digit, gap scatter, gap width, garbage, garbage collection, GAS, gate, gated, gateway, gateway page, Gateway Script, gather write, gathering data, gaussian blur, GB, GBH, GBH&K, GBR, GBT, GBTW, GBY, GCR, GDLV, GDW, GE, general date, general format, general format identifier, general number, general program, general purpose automatic test system, general purpose computer, general purpose function generator, general purpose operating system, general purpose program, general purpose register, general routine, generalized routine, generate address, generate and test, generation, generation data group, generation group, generator, generic, generic file names, geo tagging, germanium, gesture control, GF, GFC, GFETE, GFN, GFU, GFY, GG, GGU2, GIF, giga, gigabit, gigabyte, gigacycle, GIGO, GIS, GIYF, GJ, GL, GL&GH, global resource sharing, global search, global search and replace, global variabel, globally administered MAC addressing, glossary, GM, GMAB, GMS, GMTA, GN, GNU/GPL, go back n, go to, go to record, goal seek, GOCA, GOK, Google, google, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, google analytics, google dance, google pagerank, google panda, google penguin, google sandbox, googling, gopher, goraud shading, gorilla glass, GOTO, government OSI profile, GOWI, GPF, GPIB, GPRS, GPS, GPU, GR, GR&D, GR8, graceful degradation, gradient tool, graph, graphic card, graphic character, graphic display program, graphic job processing, graphic mode, graphic panel, graphic solution, graphic tablet, graphical design, graphics, Gratz, greeking, greeting line, grid, grid setting, gridline, gridlines, gridlines in charts, grosh’s law, gross index, ground-up read only memory, group, group address, group captions, group code, group index, group indicate, group mark, group separator, groupbox, grouped coded record, grouped record, grouping, grouping of records, groupware, grow font, GRUB, GSM, GSOH, GtG, GTGTTBR, GTRM, GTSY, guaranted delivery service, guard signal, guerrilla marketing, guestbook, GUI, guidance for users of integrated data processor equipment, guide edge, gutter


H, H&K, H/O, H2cus, H8, hack, hacker, hacking, HAG1, HAGD, HAGN, HAGS, HAHA, HAK, halftone image, HAND, hand mouse pointer, hand tool, handphone, handsfree, handshakking, hang, hard disk, hard return, hardware, Haxor or H4x0r, HB, HBA, HD, HDD, HDMI, HDYWTDT, head, header, header and footer toolbar, header footer, headers, heading rows repeat, heading styles, heading tag, headings, headphone, heatsink, help mouse pointer, heuristic, HF, HH, HHJK, HHOJ, HHOK, HHOS, hidden file, hidden links, hidden text, hide gridlines, hiding, high color, high end, high-low lines, highlight merge fields, HIH, history, history worksheet, hit, Hit, hit and run, HIWTH, HldMeCls, HLLAPI, HLM, HMS, HMT, HMWK, HOAS, home, home page, homepage, honeymoon, hooked vector, hoplink, host, host name, hosting, hosting service provider, Hot list, hot spot, hot swap, hotspot, hotspot WiFi, HSCSD, HSDPA, HSF, HSIK, HSPA, HSUPA, Ht4U, HTH, HTHBE, HTML, HTML 3.2, HTML banner, HTML email, HTTP, HTTPS, hub, hub ring, hub/switch, hue, hybrid computer, hybrid model, hydravision, HYLMS, hype, hypenation, hyperlink, hypertext, hyperthreading, hyperz II


i-beam mouse pointer, I-way, IAAA, IAAL, IAC, IAE, IAIM, IANAA, IANAL, IAWTC, IC, ICANN, icon, icon perintah cross-reference, icon sets, icon show notes, icon update table, ICQ, IDE, IDE controller, identifier, IDGI, IDGW, IDI, IDK, idle time, IDTT, IEC, IEEE, if function, iferror function, iframe, IFVB, IGP, IGTP, IHTFP, IHU, IHY, II, IINM, IIR, IIRC, IIT, IIUC, IJWTK, IJWTS, IK, IKWUM, ILBCNU, ILD, illegal operation, illustrations, ILU, ILY, ILYFAE, IM, image, image stabilizer, IMAO, IMAP, IMB, IMBO, IMCO, IME, IMEI, IMHO, IMI, IMNSHO, IMO, IMOBO, IMP, IMPE, implicit intersection, importing, IMPOV, impression, IMVHO, in-cell editing, INAL, inbox, incoming link, increase indent, indbound link, indentation, indents and spacing card, index, index card, index function, indexed, indexs, inf, informatics, information, information technology, infrared, inject, inktomi, inline picture, inner glow, inner join, INPO, input, input cell, input devices, input mask, input message, input/output, inputmask, insert, insert caption, insert citation, insert diagram or organization chart, insert footnote, insert index, insert merge field, insert mode, insert picture, insert row, insert rows, insert table, insert table of authorities, insert table of figures, insert wordart, insertion order, insertion point, inspect document, instal, install, instant messaging, interface, interlaced GIF, internet, internet a search platform, internet address, internet bookmark, internet broadband, internet control message protocol, internet device, internet dial-up, internet explorer, internet fax, internet layer, internet marketing, internet satelit, internet service provider, internet sharing PC, internet sharing software, internet telephony, internet-TV, interpreter, interrupt, intranet, intrusion detection system, inventory, invisible keyword, invite, IOIT, IONO, IOU, IOW, IP, IP address, IP broadcast, IP private, IP public, IP statis, IPA, ipconfig, IPsec, IPX/SPX, IRC, IrDA, IrDA port, IRL, IRMFI, IRSTBO, IS, ISA, ISDN, ISEN, ISO/IOS, ISO9660, ISP, ISTM, ISTR, ISWYM, italic, itap, item, iteration, ITFA, ITRO, ITRW, ITSFWI, IUSS, IVL, IWALY, IWBNI, IYKWIM, IYSWIM


J/K, J/P, J4F, jack port, jaggies, JAI, jalur komunikasi, japri, JAR, jaringan komputer, jaringan nirkabel, jaringan WiFi, JAS, JASE, java, java applet, java MIDP, javascript, JAWS, JDK, JEDEC, jejak, JFGI, JFTR, JIC, JJWY, JK, JMHO, JMO, join, join line, joint venture, Joomla, JOT, JP, JPEG, JRE, JstCllMe, JSYK, JTLYK, judul windows, jumper, junk e-mail, junk mail, juno, justification, justified alignment, justify, JVM, JW


K, K/KB, kabel & konektor, kabel jaringan, kaberl ethernet, kaleida, kamera sekunder, kanvas, KB, Kbit/s, Kbps, KBps, KC, keamanan internet, kecepatan, keep, keep lines together, keep with next, kerberos, kernel, key, key tip, keyboard, keygen, keypad, keys, keyword, keyword density, keyword frequency, keyword planner, keyword proximity, keyword research, keyword stuffing, KHUF, KHz, Kilo, kilobit, kilobyte, KIS, KISS, KIT, klien, klien email, KMA, KMSMA, kolom, kompatibel, kompetitor, kompresi, komunikasi data, konektor floopy dan IDE, konektor power, KOS, KOTC, KOTL, kriptografi, KS, KTHX, kursor, kustomisasi, KUTGW, KW, KWIM


L1 cache, L2 cache, L2P, L8, L8R, L8TR, LAB, label, labels, LAM, Lamer, LAN, land, land attack, landing page, landscape orientation, language, laser, lasso, lasso tool, last modified box, last record, launch, layer, layer mask, LBA, LBR, LCD, LCD berwarna, LCD monocrom, LD, LDAP, lead-based website, leased line, LED, LED flash, left alignment, left justification, left-to-right, legend, legend keys, legends, letters and mailings, LFG, LFM, LG, LGR, LHM, LHU, lifetime value of a customer, LILO, line, line and page breaks card, line between, line chart, line numbers, line spacing, link, link baiting, link building, link checker, link dofollow dan nofollow, link exchange, link farm, link juice, link popularity, link sculpting, link spam, link text, linkbait, linking, links, linux, list, list box, listbot, listserv, listserver, lithium ion, lithium polymer, live preview, LL&P, LMIRL, LMK, LNK, load, load time, local area network, local internet marketing, local talk, localhost, locate, locked, locked field or record, log, log in, log off, log out, logic error, logical DOS drive, logical function, logical test, login, LOL, LOLA, LOML, LOMLILY, long date, long domain name, long file, long tail, long tail keyword, long time, look in text box, lookup, lookup table, lookup wizard, LOOL, loopback address, LOTI, low batt, low end, lower function, lpd, LSB, LSHIPMP, LSHMBB, LSHMBH, LTE, LTNC, LTNS, LTO, LTR, LTS, LtsGt2gthr, lucent, LULAS, LUV, LUWAMH, LY, lycos, LYK, LYL, LYLAB, LYLAS, lynx


m-commerce, MAC, MAC address, macro, macromedia flash, maemo, magic wand tool, mail, mail client, mail merge, mail notifier, mail server, mail transfer agent, mailbomb, mailbot, mailbox, mailer, mailing labels, mailing list, main document, main memory, mainboard, maintenance, malware, MAN, man command, manage sources, mandrake, manual duplex, mapped range, margin, margin handles, margins, margins card, mark, mark all, mark as read, mark as unread, mark citation, mark entry, mark up, market place, marque, marquee-select, match fields, match function, matrix, max, max function, MB, Mbps, MBR, MCA, media buyer, media clips, media kit, media planner, median function, medium date, medium time, mega, megabit, megabyte, member, memo, memo wizard, memori, memory, menu, menu bar, merchant, merchant acccount, merchant agreement, merge and center cells, merge cells, merge field, merge into exiting file, merged cell, meta description, meta keyword, meta refresh, meta robots, meta tag, meta tag generator, meta tags, MicroSD, Microsoft access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel control, microsoft office button, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visual Basic Help, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word Help, MIDI, milestone, MIME 2, min, min function, mini site, mini toolbar, mint condition, mirror site, mixed addresses, mixed cell reference, MMS, mobile tracker, modem, moderator, monetization, monitors, monospaced font, month function, monthly searches, more, motherboard, MOTO, mouse pointer, move operation, move to, move with text, moving average, moving border, moving drag-and-drop mouse pointer, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MSAN, MTCW, multi tasking, multi-level marketing, multiple data series, multiple-level category labels, multipurpose internet mail extensions, multitouch input method, multy way backlink, MySQL


NAM, name, name box, NCP, nested function, netiquette, nett, netter, network, network access, network server, new, new window, newbie, news reader, news server, newsgroup, newsletter, next, next footnote, next record, NFS, nge-root, NGN, NIC, NiCD, niche, NNTP, no afgan, no booked system, no network coverage, no rossa, nofollow, nokia life tools, nomor resi, non-contiguous cells, non-OLAP source data, non-printing characters, nonadjacent selection, normal, normal mode, normal style, normal view, northbridge, northeast arrow mouse pointer, northwest arrow mouse pointer, NOS, not function, now function, NP, NRN, NSS, NTFS, nubietol, number, number formatting, numbering, numerik, nyabar, nyubi


object, object 3D, objectLink, objects, OCR, ODD, ODM, OEM, oem, off, off-page connector, off-peak, office assistant, office button, office clipboard, office menu, office on the web, offline, offline cube file, OIC, OK, ok, OLAP, OLAP provider, ole, ole object, OLED, OLL, omni directional antena, on, on now, one page, one way backlink, one-variable data table, ongkir, online, online collaboration, online directory, online layout view, ONNA, OOP, OOT, open, open account, open CL, open dialog box, open directory project, open relay, open source, open SSL, operand, operating system, operator, opt out email, opt-in, opt-in email, opt-out, optical zoom, option, option button, options, or function, order of precedence, organic search, organic traffic, ORI, orientation, OS, os, OS/2 HPFS, OSI, OTA, OTF, other formats, OTOH, otp, OTTOMH, out of stock, outbound link, outbox, outer join, outgoing link, outline, outline data, outline symbols, outline view, outlook, output, output device, oval, overclock, overheat, overlap, overlap value, overlocated, overture, overtype mode, ownerLink


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