abrading, absorbency, accelerated weathering, acrylic, acrylic emulsions, adhesion, adhesion failure on metal, aggregate, air-drying, aisle, alcove, alkali resisting primer, alkyd, angle iron, anodising, anti-corrosive, anti-fouling, architrave, arris, asbestos cement, ashlar


backputty, baluster, banister, barge board, base, batten, bay, bead, beam, bed, binder, bittiness, bituminous paint, blasting, bleaching, bleeding, blistering, blistering of paint on plaster, blooming, body (Paint), bond, bottom rail, box gutter, breeze-block, bridging, bringing forward, broken colour, bronze paint, bronzing, brunswick black, brunswick green, brush disturbance/floating/flooding, bubbling/aeration/floating, build, burning off, butt


C.I., cap, capital, casement, cavity wall, cellulose paint, centring, chalking, chamfer, checking, cheesiness, chequer-plate, chimney breast, chipboard, chipping, chlorinated rubber, cissing, cissing on new paintwork, cistern, cladding, clearcole, coarse stuff, coat, colour change, colour retention, colourant, column, commercial match, compatibility, complementary colours, concrete, conduit, consistency, cool colours, copal, copolymer, corbel, cornice, corrosion, course, cove, cover fillit, covering power, cracking of plaster, cracking on outside paintwork, cracking/crazing/crocodiling, crackle finish, crazing, curing, curtaining


dado, damp course, dampness in walls, denatured (grey) wood, discolouration, dispersion, distemper, door furniture, drying, drying time, durability, dust/bittiness on new paintwork, dutch metal


earth pigments, eaves, efflorescence, eggshell, elasticity, elevation, emulsion paints, enamel, enrichment, epoxy resins, etch primer, extender


facade, facing brick, fading, faience, failure, false body, false ceiling, fanlight, fascia, fat edge, fattening, feather edged, feathering, ferro-concrete, fiberous plaster, fibre board, fibre brushes, filler, film formation, finish coat, fitch, flaking, flame-cleaning, flank, flash point, flashing, flashing off, flat, fletton, float, floating, flotation, flow, fluorescent coating, flush-panel, foaming, footings, frame, frieze, frog, fugitive, fugitive colour, full coat, fungicide


gable, galvanised iron, gelling, gesso, glaze, glazing, glazing bar, gloss, gold size, gold-leaf, gouache, graffiti, graining, grinning, ground, grout, gypsum


hair cracks, hard dry, hard gloss paint, hard stopper, hard stopping, hardboard, hardwood, header, heartwood, heavy body, hiding power, holidays, hot surface, hue, hungry


impervious, inert pigments, insulation board, intumescence


jamb, Japan, joists


keenes cement, keep alive/keep open, key, keystone, knotting


lacquer, lagging, laitance, lantern light, lap, latex paint, lath and plaster, laying off, laylight, lead paint, leafing, legged and braced door, let down, levelling, lifting, light, light fastness, limewash, lining paper, linseed oil, live edge, lock rail, long oil, luminous paint, lunette, lustre


M/S, making good, match boarding, matt finish, medium, metal spraying, metamerism, mica, microporous, mildewcides, millscale, misses, mist coat, mitre, mordant, mortar, mortise, mould growth on inside surfaces, mould/algae moss on outside surfaces, mud cracking, mullion, munsell, muntin




obliteration, oil length, oleoresinous, opacity, orange peel, orange peeling, oxidation


paint deodorants, paint remover, parapet, patch prime, patchiness, pebble dash, peeling, performance, permeable, petrifying liquid, phenolic, phosphating, picking out, picking up, pickling, pier, pigment, pillaster, pinholing, pipe, pitch, plan, plaster board, plastering, plastic paint, pliolite, pointing, poise, polymer, poor gloss level on new paintwork, porosity, pot life, powdery/chalky surfaces on outside paintwork, powdery/chalky surfaces on plaster, powdery/chalky surfaces on previously painted exterior masonry, pre-treatment, pretreatment, primer_, purlin, putlog, putty, PVA, pvc


quantities, quirk, quoin


rabbet, rafter, rail, rain spotting, raking out, rebate, reinforced concrete, rendering, resin, reveal, riser, rivelling, roof light, ropiness, rotten wood, rough cast, round, round coat, RSJ, rubbing down, runs, rustic brick, RWH, RWP


sagging (curtaining), sags and runs on new paintwork, salt staining on plywood, sand blasting, sanding, saponification, saponification of oil-based paints on plaster, sarking, sash window, screed, scumbling, section, seediness, semi-gloss, set, setting coat, settling, sharp coat, sheariness, sheary, sheen, shop priming, short oil, shot blasting, shrivelling (or rivelling) on new paintwork, shuttering, silk or satin finish, sill, sinkage, sirapite, size, skirting, sleepiness, sleepy, slow drying of gloss/varnish on new paintwork, slurry, smudge, soffit, softwood timber, soil pipe, solvent, span, spandrel, spattering, spot priming, spraying, spreading, spreading rate, staining/discolouration of paint on masonry, staining/discolouration of paint on plaster, staining/discolouration of paint on wood, stanchion, starved, sterilise, stickiness, stile, stipple, stopping, stoving, stretcher, string course, stringing, stucco, substrate, synthetics


tack rag, tank, tears, telltale, tenon, terebine, thinner, thixotropy, tinter, titanium dioxide, tongued and grooved, transom, trap, tread, trunking, truss


under-drawing, undercoat, universal colourants, useful life


varnish, vehicle, vent pipe, verge, vinyl emulsions, viscosity, VOC, volume solids


wainscot, washability, washing off, waste pipe, water paint, weather board, web (dulux), wet adhesion, wet edge, wire cut, working up, wrinkling, WWP